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Order a company kit for a Texas LLC

  • Deluxe kits $88, standard kits $54
  • Delivery within 2-4 business days to most of Texas
    (rush options are available)
  • Custom embossing seal
  • 20 member interest certificates and a transfer ledger
  • Over 100 pages of minutes, company agreement, tax information, and governance forms on premium bond paper
Download the LLC kit checklist

The limited liability company kit comes in a sleek black three-ring binder and dust-proof slipcase with the company's name emblazoned in gold on the spine. Kits are 100% compliant with the Texas Business Organizations Code (TBOC).

Deluxe Texas LLC kit, $88

Customized deluxe LLC kits are custom-typed with your information seamlessly filled in. Deluxe kits look the most professional and save you time. Your custom clauses can be included and kept on file.

Standard Texas LLC kit, $54

Standard LLC kits have blanks for you or your staff to fill in. Detailed instructions are included.

To order an LLC kit, complete the easy PDF, which is both an order form and a client interview checklist. The PDF is flexible, intuitive, and reusable, and it contains a full guide and tips.

After you fill out and submit the checklist, Lawyer's Aid then ships the LLC kit to you by UPS in 1-2 business days, reaching most of Texas by the third or fourth business day. (Rush options available.)

Get your LLC kit in three easy steps


Download the LLC kit checklist. Download the LLC kit checklist

Get Adobe Reader here Use of the checklist requires the free Adobe Reader, version 8.0 or higher.


Open, fill out, and save the checklist on your computer, or print it and complete it by hand. It's simple to include any custom instructions or clauses.


Submit the checklist:

  • Email to, or
  • Fax to (888) 474-4218, or
  • Call and go over it with us at (888) 474-2112. We welcome your call.
Download the LLC kit checklist Get LLC kit checklist

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Covered in the LLC kit checklist

  • Regular and professional LLCs
  • Control by members or managers
  • Deluxe or standard versions
  • Optional special clauses
  • Area for your instructions and additions
  • How to pay

LLC formation tip

A Texas LLC member is allowed to own zero member interests.

No officers are required in an LLC under Texas law. To follow the company agreement in the LLC kit, however, at least a secretary should be elected.