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Order a federal taxpayer ID (EIN)

  • Turnaround within 1–2 business days
  • Flexible PDF order form makes ordering easy by email, fax, or phone
  • Obtain an EIN for an LLC, corporation, other business, trust, or estate
  • $50 for one EIN, or $65 for two EINs for related entities
Get the EIN company checklist
Get the EIN trust or estate checklist

Let Lawyer's Aid Service take the hassle out of obtaining the federal taxpayer ID called the employer identification number (EIN for short) for your or your client's company, estate, or trust. Most banks require an EIN in order for your company to set up a bank account, and you will need an EIN if you have employees.

94 minutes—an hour and a half—is the IRS's own estimate in its EIN instruction sheet of how long it takes a person, on average, to study applying for an EIN, fill out the form, and mail it in, never mind the time waiting on hold if you file by phone. (Applying by mail takes 4-5 weeks, according to the IRS instructions.) A busy professional needs a quicker, reliable way.

By spending 5 minutes now, you can obtain your federal tax ID through Lawyer's Aid Service. We know the EIN process thoroughly and can usually have it to you by next business day.

You'll receive the new EIN by phone, email, or fax, whichever you choose, and a follow-up IRS SS-4 form from us in the mail. It couldn't be simpler.

Get your EIN in three easy steps


Download the EIN order form
for a company Download the EIN checklist for a company or for a trust or estate Download the EIN checklist for a trust or estate

Get Adobe Reader here Use of the order form requires the free Adobe Reader, version 8.0 or higher.


Fill out the order form on your computer, or print and complete by hand. Easily include custom clauses or instructions.


Submit the order form:

  • Email, or
  • Fax to (888) 474-4218, or
  • Call and go over it with us at (888) 474-2112. We welcome your call.
Download the EIN checklist for a company

Get an EIN order form for a company

Download the EIN checklist for a trust or estate

Get an EIN order form for a trust or estate

Covered in the EIN order form

  • Taxpayer ID number for LLC, corporation, trust or estate
  • Area for your instructions and additions
  • How to pay