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Texas registered agent service

RA service from a 30-year firm at a competitive price

  • Rapid response when a lawsuit or other legal document arrives
  • Mail forwarding and junk-mail filtering
  • Order at time of formation at zero filing cost to you, or change to us and we'll cover the cost of the Change of Registered Agent filing
  • Experienced, professional service at an exceptional price: $120/year
Download the Texas Registered Agent checklist

By choosing Lawyer's Aid Service as your company's registered agent, you select a company that's served generations of attorneys at surprisingly good prices. Lawyer's Aid Service is:

Experienced. Lawyer's Aid Service has served the Texas legal community for 30+ years.

Professional. We understand that competent counsel needs to receive lawsuit papers as soon as possible. As your Texas registered agent, upon receiving a lawsuit, we notify you, the attorney of record, and forward additional copies of the lawsuit papers per your instructions. Non-professional registered agents may move, quit, retire, take vacations, or even disappear without notice—risking default judgment. Lawyer's Aid Service reliably accepts and handles service of process during normal business hours.

Defined by you. As your Texas registered agent, we follow your instructions as to how a service of process will be relayed. Standing instructions may be to notify the attorney and company owner first, then outside counsel and any others as designated. You can modify your standing instructions anytime. Our service also includes forwarding routine mail and filtering junk mail as you instruct.

Affordable. $120 a year—just $10 a month, and the first, partial year is pro-rated.

How to order Texas registered agent service for $120 a year


Download the registered agent checklist. Download the Texas Registered Agent checklist

Get Adobe Reader here Use of the checklist requires the free
Adobe Reader, version 8.0 or higher.


Fill out the checklist on your computer, or print and complete by hand. Easily include custom clauses or instructions.


Submit the checklist:

  • Email to, or
  • Fax to (888) 474-4218, or
  • Call and go over it with us at (888) 474-2112. We welcome your call.
Download the Texas Registered Agent checklist

Get the registered agent checklist

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Benefits of professional registered agent service

Peace of mind. Thankfully, lawsuits are infrequent. When one is served, we know there's much at stake: your clients are counting on you to defend their enterprise. We also understand that immediate notification can give you more time to perfect a polished response for the company. As a professional registered agent service, we are always there, ready to accept and process papers from the constable on your behalf. Our staff stand ready to handle service of process at our Austin office each business day.

Privacy. A client may want a lawsuit kept confidential. Letting Lawyer's Aid Service receive the lawsuit papers can keep constables and private process servers away from your place of business, away from hearings or depositions, and away from curious eyes of clients, employees, or anyone else who happens to be nearby.

Freedom. You've got closings, hearings, business trips, vacations, lunch plans, and a life. So do your clients and staff. With a professional registered agent service in place, you can leave your office without risking a missed service of process. If you like, we can also forward the tax and state agency correspondence to the company's accountant, and filter junk mail if requested, freeing your staff and letting you concentrate on practicing law.

Texas registered agent duties

A registered agent has the duty to act as the formal, reliable point of contact for a corporation, LLC, or other business entity. This responsible position merits a professional service.

A registered agent error may result in penalties, involuntary forfeiture of the company's registered identity, or worst case, a lawsuit default judgment against the company, leaving its owners with little or no legal means to respond.

All Texas corporations and LLCs are required to have a Texas registered agent who has consented to serve and is aware of the responsibility. Registered agent duties include:

  • Maintain a business office at your company's registered office address, available to servers of process. PO boxes are not allowed except in rural areas that qualify. Tx. Bus. Org. Code, Sec. 5.201 and administrative rules
  • Be available at the registered office year in and year out during regular business hours. Id.
  • Receive any service of process (delivery of a lawsuit or other legal notice), demand, or notice on behalf of the company. Tx. Bus. Org. Code, Sec. 5.206.
  • Notify your company (and preferably its counsel) of any lawsuit or notice and do so to the address the company provides. Id.
  • Forward any lawsuit or notice without delay, disruption, or error, to the address the company provides. Id.
  • Receive and forward other official correspondence. Id.
  • Be and remain a resident of Texas or else an organization (other than the company) registered to do business in Texas. Tx. Bus. Org. Code, Sec. 5.201
  • Consent in writing or electronic form to serve as registered agent. Tx. Bus. Org. Code, Sec. 5.201
  • Even if the company closes, perform these duties until 31 days after filing a resignation as registered agent. Tx. Bus. Org. Code, Sec. 5.204

Want to list Lawyer's Aid as your Texas registered agent?

Thank you and please let us know. The styling for your paperwork is:

Lawyer's Aid Service, Inc.
408 W. 17th St, Ste 101
Austin, TX 78701

If you are forming a new company, you can download our Texas LLC formation checklist or our Texas corporate formation checklist.

Registered agent consent form

Texas law requires a company to maintain proof that its Texas registered agent (RA) consented to serve.

Lawyer's Aid's RA consent form explains the RA's duties. Best practice is to file the consent form at the time of formation, which is free; it can be filed later for a small fee. Download the Texas registered agent consent form.