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Form a professional association (PA)

  • Turnaround within 1–2 business days
  • Flexible checklist makes ordering easy by email, fax, or phone
  • With options for binder, slipcase, and seal; taxpayer ID (EIN); and registered agent service
  • $825 to file ($775 state fee for expedited filing, plus $50 our fee)
Download the PA formation checklist

To form a professional association (PA), record your choices in an easy downloadable PDF, which is both an order form and a client interview checklist. The PDF is flexible, intuitive, and reusable, and it contains a full guide and tips.

After you fill out and submit the checklist, Lawyer's Aid immediately checks the availability of your preferred PA names, and contacts you to resolve any issues and minimize the chance of rejection at filing. We draft the formation according to your instructions, print it as a formatted legal document on premium bond paper, deliver it to the State, and advance the filing fee.

After picking up the filing from the State office, usually within 1-2 business days, we promptly contact you with the new company's filing number. You'll receive the official documents by fax or scan, and the originals with the company outfit or by mail.

Get your PA in three easy steps


Download the PA checklist. Download the PA formation checklist

Get Adobe Reader here Use of the checklist requires the free Adobe Reader, version 8.0 or higher.


Fill out the checklist on your computer, or print and complete by hand. Easily include custom clauses or instructions.


Submit the checklist:

  • Email to, or
  • Fax to (888) 474-4218, or
  • Call and go over it with us at (888) 474-2112. We welcome your call.
Download the PA formation checklist

Get PA checklist

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Also included in the PA checklist

  • Professions that can form a PA
  • Governing members
  • Alternative PA names
  • Optional special clauses
  • Area for your instructions and additions
  • How to pay