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What is a client interview checklist?

Client interview checklists are PDF forms that attorneys can use to collect information from their clients to form a Texas corporation, Texas LLC, Texas PA, or other entity, or to order an EIN (Federal tax ID), corporate kit, LLC kit, Texas registered agent service, and other items. Checklists double as order forms. See our full menu of checklists available for download

I'm not an attorney. Can I use the client interview checklists to form a new business entity?

No, sorry. Drafting company formation documents involves the practice of law, and Lawyer's Aid Service is not a law firm. You are, however, welcome to complete a draft of the checklist and take it to your attorney, who will advise you on the choice of entity—LLC versus corporation, for example—and fit the elements of the document to your situation.

How do I pay for an order?

For any order, pay online here.

When your order involves Lawyer's Aid Service advancing filing fees for you, then simultaneous payment—paying online the day you order or mailing a check the day you order—is required.

For other orders, please pay promptly when you receive your bill. More about your payment options

I'm not an attorney. Can I order Texas registered agent service or an EIN (Federal tax ID), request a document search, or order a standard (blank) corporate book?

Yes, any service or product not involving drafting legal documents or giving legal advice can be ordered by a non-attorney.

Can I fill in a checklist by hand and scan-and-email or fax it to Lawyer's Aid?


I want to have Lawyer's Aid Service do something that I don't see on the checklists.

Lawyer's Aid carries out many other governmental agency filings, retrievals, and errands of other kinds. Consider us your branch office in Austin. Please email our office at any time, or call (888) 474-2112 during the business day (8:00 am - 5:30 pm, CST).

What if I use an old checklist without realizing it?

If an important change occurred that's not reflected in a checklist you send us, we'll contact you to resolve it. We recommend bookmarking our Checklist Menu page and downloading checklists frequently. Legislated changes usually take effect September in odd-numbered years or at year-end.

How to place an order using our checklists

1. Download a checklist from the menu to the left.

2. Fill out the checklist on screen, or print and complete by hand.

3. Submit the checklist one of three ways: