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Registered agent and other services and products
for non-attorneys

The forms and information on this website are not a substitute for the advice of an attorney.

Our limited services for non-attorneys

For non-attorneys we provide limited services, blank form documents, and government-agency liaison:

Lawyer's Aid Service does not draft legal documents for non-attorneys, nor apply the law to specific situations. We work primarily with attorneys and their law office staff. We strongly recommend, when forming your company, that you seek legal counsel in selecting the type of business entity and drafting a full set of governing documents that are state-law-based.

5 reasons to employ an attorney

  1. An attorney can consider the specific facts that make up your situation, your intentions and preferences, and can recommend the best company type and draft advantageous formation and governance documents.
  2. The law changes frequently, putting a book or form out of date.
  3. An attorney who has seen the difficulties that crop up for many small businesses can help forestall them with clear and proper governing documents.
  4. Corporate and LLC formalities create a "corporate veil" of protection for the company's principals, but that veil may be pierced by the IRS or other parties if not correctly established and maintained.
  5. An established attorney in your area can personally introduce you to other professionals whose services may benefit you.

How to hire an attorney

One effective way to hire an attorney is to ask for referrals from friends and acquaintances in business. A second is to search for and interview attorneys in your area who have a business practice area through the State Bar of Texas search page. You can also contact attorneys through the State Bar of Texas Attorney Referral Service, (800) 252-9690.

Looking for free or low-cost legal aid?

For those who can't afford an attorney, the State Bar of Texas maintains a web portal to legal services.