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How to order and pay

Order by client interview checklist

You can download and fill in one of the simple checklists, then either email, phone, mail, fax, or express-ship the checklist to Lawyer's Aid Service.

Order by online order form

Some of our products are available to be ordered via online web form - these products are listed here. Fill out a web form, pay by credit card at time of ordering, and leave everything else up to us.

Order another way

If you don't see your filing or order type among the checklists, give us a call explaining your order, or send us a letter of instruction by email, fax, mail, or express-shipment.

We'll be glad to work with you using whatever channels you prefer.

Payment methods

When convenient, your paying by check helps keep costs low and is appreciated. With all orders, you'll receive a bill showing any payment we've received.

For orders requiring Lawyer's Aid Service to advance fees for you, please mail a check the day you order.

How to submit your check

By mail:
Lawyer's Aid Service
PO Box 848
Austin, TX 78767-0848
By FedEx or UPS:
Lawyer's Aid Service
408 W. 17th Street, Suite 101
Austin, TX 78701

Online by credit card

Pay for your order or group of orders here. It's quick and SSL-encrypted.

Questions? Contact us.

Phone: (888) 474-2112, or (512) 474-2002
Fax: (888) 474-4218, or (512) 474-4329


Are you a new client?

Welcome! Lawyer's Aid's staff may contact new clients by phone before we begin processing your first order with us.

Feedback form

If you'd like to leave feedback, please fill out our easy online form. All types of feedback and comments are welcome.